When you don’t want to kick up a lot of dust…

Poor air quality. Poor visibility. Muddy, slippery and unsafe roads in wet weather.  Dirt and dust all over everything in dry weather. Engineers estimate that a single vehicle introduces 4  pounds of dust into the air when traveling at 30 mph for each mile of gravel road. And there are 1.3 million miles of unpaved roads in the US, as well as dust control needs at construction sites and quarries.  And according to Better Roads Magazine, “Dust control is the number one summer maintenance problem on unpaved roads.” 

Colas Solutions™ technical experts have engineered cost-effective products to mitigate these problems, while providing protection to the road surface and improving health, safety and the environment.

DustClear products achieve excellent penetration into the existing road surface, resulting in dust control that is long-lasting, all  the while effectively binding existing surface materials together to protect the structure below.

Colas Solutions™ offers a host of industry leading products designed to address specific pavement construction, maintenance, and preservation needs. Following is a list of other innovative products available through Colas Solutions and our affiliate partners: